Monday, February 13, 2017

It All Started When I Was A Little Girl - Confessions of A Makeup Addict

I can remember it like it was yesterday.  Standing in my mother's room, watching her do her hair and makeup.  I was so in awe of the beautiful colors that whisped along her eye lids and cheek bones, the way her lips popped in ruby red and how beautiful her ice blue eyes looked with that awesome black masacara pressing up against them.

I knew at that moment I had a makeup addiction.  I ran up to my mother and begged her to let me try on some makeup.  She appeased me with little rosy cheeks and a pop of lip color.  I stood looking in the mirror at myself with a big smile on my face for what seemed like hours.

The next time my mother was getting ready to go out, I asked her if I could do her makeup.  She obliged hesitantly.  I felt like an artist with a blank canvas.  The brushes flowed across her face so elegantly.  Her milk white skin became alive with color.  I did an amazing job.  She loved it, and every time after that, she would ask me to do her makeup. As I got older I began to do her hair as well.  

My aunt sold makeup for a living and would send me little sample sizes to keep and play with.  To me they were my most priceless treasures.  I kept them neatly tucked in a box and would often just sit and stare at the colors.  I didn't care about dolls or toys.  I just wanted pretty makeup and scents.

When I was old enough I enrolled into a Vocational school and studied Cosmetology.  I studied hair and makeup.  My goal wasn't to become a beautician or makeup artists, I just wanted to learn my skills better and enjoy my hobby on a deeper level.  I was so in love with the art and still am.

Today, I still obsess whenever I see a new product on the market and love seeing photos of beautiful makeup applications.  I enjoy discovering new scents and hair styles.  I love being around beauty.

This is my mother, to me she was the most beautiful woman in the world and inspired my love of beauty.

Although this photo is in black and white, I see her lips as ruby red, her sparkling blue eyes and her rosy cheeks.

I see beauty.

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