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Are You Properly Caring For Your Perfumes? #beautyblog #fragrance

Many of us make fragrance a part of our every day life. We have different fragrances to support our different moods and occasions.  But did you know there are proper ways to store and care for your precious fragrances?  Here is a list of Dos and Donts of Storing Perfume according to eBay.

1. Keep Perfume Out of Direct Sunlight - The sunlight can degrade your perfume and make it weaker.  Also, look for perfumes that are in darker colored bottles, this will help keep their fragrances longer.

2. Don't Expose Your Perfume to Heat - The heat will break down the chemical bonds of the perfume and make it weaker.   It can also ruin the bottle that your fragrance is stored in.  Be sure to store your fragrances away from direct sunlight, windows, radiators and heat vents as well.

3. Keep Your Perfume Stored at a Consistent Temperature- Temperature fluctuations can actually hurt your perfume.  Do not store your fragrances in the refrigerator.  Just like heat is bad for your fragrances, so is extreme cold.  A cool environment is is best, but the cold of the refrigerator is too extreme and puts stress on your perfume.

4. Keep Perfume Away from Humidity-  Do you store your perfume in the bathroom?  Most people do.  Unfortunately, the excessive humidity can break down your perfume.  When you turn the hot water in the shower on and off, the humidity that enters the room is bad for the perfume.  This also applies to makeup.  If you must store your fragrance and makeup in the bathroom, make sure it is in a cabinet or area that doesn't get exposed to steam.  A better storage room would be a bedroom.

5. Limit How Often You Open and Close Your Perfume- Always keep the cap on your fragrance.  Be sure that it is properly sealed at all times.   This is because air, temperature fluctuations and humidity can break down the fragrance.  Spray bottles and atomizers are best for storing perfume.  These help prevent the bottle from being opened and closed and limits damage of the notes.

6. Don't Shake Your Perfume Bottles- Some people think that they have to shake their perfume bottles to mix the scent.  This is bad for the perfume.  Unless it is stated on the bottle, do not shake it.  Shaking the bottle gets air into the fragrance and forces it to break down quicker.  It can also cause the bottle to slip from your hand and break.

7.  Limit Using Applicators- Perfumes that are stored in roller balls or dabbers can cause oils or dirt to get into the perfume bottle.  Spray bottles are better applicators.  If you prefer direct application, look for disposable applicator wands that will not add new oils, dirt or contaminants back into your precious fragrances.

8. Don't Store Bottles on High Shelves- For obvious reasons, it isn't a good idea to keep your perfume bottles on high shelves.  Although they look pretty on display,  this is actually not good for the fragrance.  The bottles become exposed to light, which breaks down their fragrance and can also cause you to fumble the bottle and spill or break it. Hot air rises; too much heat can damage your bottle.  Also, the light weight of the perfume bottles can easily be knocked off shelves or even force them to move around a lot, which once again gets air into the bottle and breaks down the fragrance.

9. Use Linen Closets and Decorative Boxes to Store Perfumes- These are probably the best places to store your fragrances, as long as they are located in cool areas of your home.  They keep the bottles from being bumped around and knocked off shelves.  The decorative bottles help you to transport your bottles safely and help limit their exposure to the elements that can break them and their fragrances down.  Always be sure to store your bottles with their caps on.

10. Buy a Travel Container-  Many fragrance companies sell travel size bottles.  If your fragrance isn't available in a travel bottle, purchase an atomizer and fill it with a small amount of the scent you want to take along on your trip.  Keep the rest at home.  If you like to reapply your scent throughout the day, you should consider purchasing a small container to keep in your purse.

I hope this information helps you to take better care of your perfumes.  Learn more about storing and purchasing perfumes on eBay by visiting this link  (PERFUME STORAGE)

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  1. WOW! I figured direct light might weaken the aroma, but shaking the bottle, opening the bottle up too much, and Don't Store Bottles on High Shelves, I had no clue about! Thanks for sharing!