Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I received a great email from Patti Pao of Restoresea.com.

I loved it so much, and found it so useful, I emailed her and asked if she would mind if I posted it for my readers, here on My Great Big Beauty Filled World.  Be sure to check out the high quality skincare products on her Restoresea website.

Here is Patti's post:

One of the favorite parts of my job is answering customer service questions. And one of the most frequently asked questions is how much and when to use Restorsea products. I thought that it might be helpful to share my answers.
Face Wash/Cleanser: Please place a dime-sized amount on damp palms. Using your fingers, gently apply to damp face. (NOTE: I don’t like wash cloths, loofahs, or brushes because they are incubators for bacteria and dirt). Rinse WELL with warm water. I recommend rinsing with 25-30 splashes.

Face Serum: Apply one small drop/squirt to freshly cleansed skin. 
Face Moisturizer: Apply a dime-sized amount OVER Face Serum.
Face Oil: Pat two DROPS over moisturized skin. You want to apply the most occlusive product last.
Eye Cream: Using your ring finger, apply a small dab to the inner corner of your eye, working to the outer eye. Repeat for the other eye.
SPF: Apply OVER your face oil. This is the most occlusive product as it is blocking the UV light.
Body Lotion: Apply liberally to arms and legs and all over body. Your body is a large surface area and needs to be moisturized, as it is lacking sebaceous/oil glands and needs hydration.
 If you have questions or desire further information, email Patti at pattipao@restorsea.com.

Disclosure:  This information was used with permission from Patti Pao of Restoresea.com

Monday, September 18, 2017

LipSense Long Lasting Lip Color from Red Gate Beauty #gotitfree #sponsored #beauty #lips

Hey Beauties!

I am really excited to tell you about this great lip product I was sent to try from Red Gate Beauty.

The product is called LipSense and it lasts up to 18 hours a day!

Check out my Youtube video review about it!

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Need help picking out a color?  No problem!


Disclosure:  I received this product to review for my honest opinion.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Fancy Frills Giveaway #sponsored

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MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligation.  This giveaway is being hosted by MamatheFox blog.  No compensation was received by this blog.

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Reasons Why Restorsea Products are Silicone Free #beauty #cosmetics

I have used Restoresea facial products products over the years and I know that Patti Pao, the CEO, puts her heart and soul into the business.  She cares about the ingredients that are in her products and about the people who use them.  

Day Cream >Eye Cream >Cleanser >

I wanted to share a recent email that Patti sent out, with her permission, about why she chooses NOT to use silicone in her products.

These are her reasons:

1. Silicones trap debris in your pores.
Like plastic wrap, silicones form a barrier on top of your skin. That barrier can lock in moisture, yes, but it can also trap dirt, sweat, bacteria, sebum, dead skin cells and other debris along with it.
2. Silicones can cause acne and congestion.
Prolonged exposure to oil, dead skin and bacteria underneath the semi-occlusive seal of silicones can lead to increased breakouts. If you are acne-prone, I consider silicones among the most important ingredients to avoid.
3. Silicones can make your skin dull and dehydrated.
Silicones can prevent additional moisture from getting into the skin.  
4. Silicones interfere with cell renewal.
Our skin renews itself every 28 days, whereby old cells are sloughed off and new cells make their way up to the surface. Silicones inhibit this process by slowing down the production of new cells and keeping dead cells stuck longer.
5. Silicones deliver nothing beneficial to your skin.
When you use skincare products heavy in silicones, you're not actually hydrating or nourishing your skin, no matter what the label may claim—it's simply a short-term smoothing effect.
6. Silicones block other ingredients from absorbing.
If you are layering products, silicones can prevent them from doing their jobs properly.
7. Silicones can be difficult to remove.
The most common silicone, dimethicone, is extremely heavy and leaves a coating on the skin unless it is carefully removed. If you are using products formulated with silicones, I would suggest washing your face with the Reviving Cleanser. It will remove your silicone-based products safely without stripping your skin of its essential oils.

Do the products you use contain silicone?

If you have any questions about Restoresea products, you can contact Patti Pao at pattipao@restorsea.com.

Disclosure:  This is an informativel post only.  No compensation was received.  Published with permission from Restorsea.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Self-Tanning Tips

We all know that the sun can be damaging to the skin.  However, many of us like to have a freshly tanned summer glow.  While some people like to bathe in the sun for their tans, others prefer self-tanners instead.  Self-tanners can help you achieve that sun kissed look without the damages of the sun’s UV rays.

There are many different types of sunless tanners on the market.  They include sprays, lotions and creams.  The type you choose is a matter of preference.  Some people even like to vary the type of product they use based on the body part.  Here is a brief outline of different forms of self-tanners and tips to achieve the best look possible.

1.   Lotions -  The benefit of a self-tanning lotion is that you can apply it to large areas.  They usually have a tint, which makes it easier for you to see where you are applying it.  This also helps you to blend for a more even looking tan.  These are great for beginners because they are easy to use.

2.   Creams- These work just like lotions.  They are easy to use as well, and tinted to help you see where to apply the product on your skin.  They are a bit thicker than the lotions.

3.   Towelettes- These are convenient for carrying.  They are used by simply opening the package and wiping the towelette on your skin. They help keep your tan looking fresh and give you a great glow.

4.   Sprays- Unless you know what you are doing, you should probably leave these to the professionals to apply.  They need to be sprayed at least 6 inches from the skin and are often best for hard to reach spots, like your back.

Now you are familiar with some of the different types of self-tanners on the market.  That is only the first step in getting that golden glow that you desire.  Next, you must apply the product.  There are steps to achieving that look you desire. Here are some tips to help you get started with your product.  Remember, always start out slowly and applying lightly.  You can always add more.

1.   Always start out with clean, exfoliated skin.  The last thing you want is an uneven, streaky looking tan.  Don’t use scrubs that contain oils and can block the self-tanner from absorbing.  You are better off using a loofah pad. By having clean skin and buffed away dead skin, you are more likely to achieve the look you are going for. Also, make sure to shave any unwanted hair from your legs, armpits, etc.

2.   Once you have a clean surface, make sure there are no excess oils on your skin. Those can block the tanner from working properly.  This can also lead to a spotty looking tan.

3.   Wear gloves!  Unless you want to walk around with tan hands, it is best to keep them protected while applying the product.  The last thing you want is to have tanned palms.

4.   Always start with your feet and work your way up.  This will make the process go easier.  Remember to check for dark spots after applying to your legs.

5.   Be sure to apply a light amount of product on the face.  You don’t want to walk around with an orange face.  Don’t forget to do under your chin and around the ears and jaw line.  Just dab on the product as you would makeup and lightly work it into the area.

6.   Save the hands for last.  You can’t possibly apply the product to the other areas if your hands are covered in product.

7.   If any areas appear too dark, you can easily fix it with a damp cloth.  Just gently wipe the area until you have the desired color you want.

8.   Give the product time to work.  It will gradually become darker.  Make sure it is completely dry before applying clothing or lying down.  Also avoid showering for at least 8 hours.

9.   Your tan should last up to a week.  Just remember, before you reapply any new tanner, always exfoliate your skin.  You don’t want to wind up with a spotty or blotchy looking tan.

Moisturizing your skin daily will help you to maintain your tan and keep it looking fresh.  There are many lotions that can help you to do that.  Look for glow lotions or products labeled specifically for maintaining.

If this sounds like a lot of work, or is overwhelming to you, just seek a professional to apply your self-tanning product.  There are many professionals available who know what they are doing and can get you the look you want to achieve.  You can even ask one to help teach you how to apply product properly and efficiently.

Do you have any tips on attaining the perfect sunless tan?  Share them with us in the comments below.

Disclosure:  These tips and advice are based on my own personal use.  Always seek the advice of a professional before using any products on your skin. Some information obtained from Webmd.com and The Beauty Insiders.  Photo source: pixabay.com

Stay Beautiful!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Dry Shampoo - Is It For You? A Review of My Favorite Brand

Everyone has a favorite beauty product.  Mine is Batiste Dry Shampoo.  I keep several cans on hand at all times.  I love the scents and love how easily it works. Just spray, massage and brush.

I don't like to wash my hair everyday and some days I just want to run out quick and just don't have the time.   On those days I like to use dry shampoo and Batiste is my favorite.  I have used it for many years. My favorite is the Blush scent. I love that one. I have also tried the Tropical and love taking that one with me when I am on vacation at the beach. 

Watch this quick video that shows you how to use Batiste dry shampoo

There is a Batiste dry shampoo scent to suit many different moods.  So if you're feeling a bit wild you can try the WILD scent.  If you want a relaxing scent, try Blush or Fresh.  If you want something perky try Tropical or their new Cherry scent!

Check out all of the scents available from Batiste!
    • Original
    • Blush
    • Fresh
    • Tropical
    • Cherry
    • Wild
    • Floral Essences
    • Bare
    • Neon
    • Sweetie

For more information about Batiste dry shampoo  you can visit  Batiste.

Here is a list of locations where you can purchase Batiste dry shampoo: 


Review.com tested over 50 dry shampoos over the course of 6 weeks!  Check out their results and favorites.  My favorite made the list!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Is Your Makeup Expired? #beauty #bblogger

We all have that makeup we love so much, we try to use every bit of it.  The problem is, makeup does have an expiration date.  Using makeup longer than you should could mean that you are at risk of infection, especially in your eye area.  Makeup that is expired tends to develop bacteria. This can cause rashes, red itchy skin, pink eye, swelling, etc.

Here is a list of cosmetics and their usual expiration periods:

Powder Eye Shadow: 2 years
Cream Eye Shadow: 6 months

Liquid Eye Liner: 3 months
Pencil Eye Liner: 2 years

Lip Stick, Gloss: 1-1/2 years

Mascara- 3 months

Mascara will actually begin to develop a foul odor as it ages.  Give yours a whiff and see if it is time to toss it.

Blush, Facial Products, Foundation: 6 month for liquid 
2 years for powder

You can probably look at some of your products and see that they are expired.  If your foundations or liquids are separating, they are probably expired.  If your, eye shadows or powders look oily or dirty,  it is probably time to replace them.

Any SPF product or cosmetic with an SPF should be replaced every 6 months.

Disclosure:  Please check expiration dates and check manufacturer for accurate expiration dates.  Some product expiration lengths can vary.

Monday, July 17, 2017


ZOYA never disappoints when it comes to their seasonal color collections.  Check out the fabulous Fall lineup.  I love one more than the next!

Meet the SOPHISTICATES, Zoya’s latest palette of smoldering nudes, wine reds and shadowy hues in pearl, metallic and cream nail polish finishes.

cid:image007.jpg@01D2FEED.2A7E4BF0 Mckenna (ZP904): a refined pearl in soft almond.
cid:image009.jpg@01D2FEED.2A7E4BF0Beth (ZP905): a soft, sandy, rose gold metallic.
cid:image011.jpg@01D2FEED.2A7E4BF0Presley (ZP906): a smokey, mauve taupe cream.
cid:image013.jpg@01D2FEED.2A7E4BF0Joni (ZP907): a deep, dusty plum cream
cid:image015.jpg@01D2FEED.2A7E4BF0Hera (ZP908): a muted, red mauve cream.
cid:image017.jpg@01D2FEED.2A7E4BF0Padma (ZP909): a deep, vermillion red cream.
cid:image019.jpg@01D2FEED.2A7E4BF0Yvonne (ZP910): a rich, bordeaux red cream.
cid:image021.jpg@01D2FEED.2A7E4BF0Mona (ZP911): a deep, burgundy plum cream.
cid:image023.jpg@01D2FEED.2A7E4BF0Elaine (ZP912): a dark, umber brown cream.
cid:image025.jpg@01D2FEED.2A7E4BF0Hadley (ZP913): a smokey, midnight blue cream.
cid:image027.jpg@01D2FEED.2A7E4BF0Tabitha (ZP914): a refined pearl in a deep hunter green.
cid:image029.jpg@01D2FEED.2A7E4BF0Gal (ZP915): a smokey, iridescent, peridot gold metallic.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Summer Sun Protection Tips

Hey guys and gals! Get out of the sun!  I can not even begin to tell you how often my mom use to scold me to put on sunblock and a hat when I was growing up.  Many times I didn't listen and now I wish I had.  My mom also didn't allow us to be out in the sun between the hours of 1 and 3 pm.  She always said this was the time that the sun was strongest.  I still try to avoid the sun during these hours.

Sun bathing is relaxing, but it can cause damage to your skin and make you age prematurely.  If you want to be out in the sun, here are some tips to help protect your skin.

Wear an SPF sunscreen whenever you are outside.   The sun's UV rays are strongest during summer months, so it is important to keep your skin covered.  Always look for an SPF of 15 or more to protect it.  Be sure to reapply your sunscreen every hour or so.

Buy a pretty hat.  There are so many fun and colorful summer hats.  Not only do they protect your face from sun damage, but they look super cute as well.

Get a sun umbrella.  If you don't want to purchase one, there are many beaches that have them for rent. They provide sun protection and relief from heat as well.  To be perfectly honest, when I get lost on the beach, I look for my umbrella.  Try to pick an unusual pattern that you or your family can easily find in a crowd of beach goers.

Cover up!  Get yourself a cute cover up to wear over your swimsuit.  This will help to protect your skin when you are not bathing.

Don't forget your pretty eyes!  Wear sunglasses that are UV protection certified

Look for skin care lotions and cosmetics that offer UV protection.  There are many brands that offer this now.  Do some research and try them.

Try not to use tanning beds.  Read about the dangers of tanning salons in this article from WebMd.

I hope you enjoyed these quick tips on staying protected from the sun.

Go out and enjoy your summer!  Stay safe beauties. 
Stay beautiful!

Photo source: pixabay

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

To Mask or Not To Mask? Just My Take On The Whole Mask Thing

Do you mask?  Do you peel? I'm curious to see how many people use face masks.  Lately there have been so many masks showing up on the market and talks about them popping up all over the internet.

I have read about painful masks that are said to hurt like heck and by some of the videos I have seen, I believe this may be true.  I am not gonna find out for myself.  I also see a lot of sheet masks that look pretty intriguing and refreshing to me. 

I have always loved to do the peel off masks, like the Helene Curtis grape seed mask that looks like a gel and after drying can be peeled off.  I think the fun of it is trying to peel off the mask without ripping it.  I am weird like that. 🤣(that is supposed to be a little laughing man) lol

Anyway,  I decided to do a little research on masks and see what the experts at WebMd were saying about them.  This is what I found:

According to this article, some masks and peels are actually pretty effective.  As a matter of fact, some of the recommended brands are as follows:

Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System
(at home peel good for sensitive skin)

philosophy the microdelivery peel
(gentle physical exfoliation combined with lactic acid. It works great for either sensitive or dry skin)

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Masque
(Good for hydrating.  It is infused with cucumber, papaya, and pineapple enzymes to calm and soften skin.)

Murad Acne Clarifying Mask
(This mask  contains sulfur to treat acne and clay to absorb excess oil.)

You may be wondering what the difference is between professional services and at home masks and peels.  The main difference is the amount of ingredient or strength of ingredients.  At home products aren't as strong as those found in professional offices.  That is because of the strict standards that are given by the FDA.  Anything over a certain amount can only be administered by a doctor.

So there you have it.  A short breakdown on masks and peels.  Before you go out and purchase products, check with your doctor or dermatologist and see what they recommend for you.  For more information, read the entire article about Masks and Peels at WebMd.  As for me,  I think I am going to give a few new masks a try.

Stay Beautiful!

Disclosure:  Opinions expressed are my own opinion.  I am not a doctor, so you should see yours if you have any questions concerning your skin or products you use on it.  Some information in this article was obtained from WebMd.

Photo from Pixabay.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

Do you ever wonder how often you should wash your hair?  Honestly, it really is a matter of preference.  But here are a few tips that I recently read on WebMd that can help you decide how much or little washing is right for you.  I personally only wash my hair every 3 days.  If I wash too often, my hair gets too dry and hard to style.  I usually like my hair better the day after I wash and condition it.

 I want to explain how shampoo works.  Shampoo helps to trap oils in your hair.  That is why washing your hair too often isn't good for your hair.  By washing too often you can dry out and damage your hair.  This can cause breakage.  Your hair produces an oil that is called sebum.  When you wash your hair you are taking away dirt, oils and residue.  

According to experts, the only people who should wash their hair daily are people who have very fine hair, exercise and sweat often, or those who live in very humid areas. Basically, if you have excess oil in your hair, wash it.

If you have thicker hair, you can get away with washing your hair less often.  This also applies to some people with curly or dry hair.

Most of us can go 2-3 days between washing our hair.  The longest you should ever go without washing your hair is 14 days.

If you feel a need to refresh your hair in between shampoos, there are dry shampoos out there to help get rid of excess oils.

If you want to learn more about washing your hair, please visit this link on Webmd.com.

Stay Beautiful!

Disclosure:  Information in this post was from Webmd.  
Photo  from Pixaby