Sunday, July 23, 2017

Is Your Makeup Expired? #beauty #bblogger

We all have that makeup we love so much, we try to use every bit of it.  The problem is, makeup does have an expiration date.  Using makeup longer than you should could mean that you are at risk of infection, especially in your eye area.  Makeup that is expired tends to develop bacteria. This can cause rashes, red itchy skin, pink eye, swelling, etc.

Here is a list of cosmetics and their usual expiration periods:

Powder Eye Shadow: 2 years
Cream Eye Shadow: 6 months

Liquid Eye Liner: 3 months
Pencil Eye Liner: 2 years

Lip Stick, Gloss: 1-1/2 years

Mascara- 3 months

Mascara will actually begin to develop a foul odor as it ages.  Give yours a whiff and see if it is time to toss it.

Blush, Facial Products, Foundation: 6 month for liquid 
2 years for powder

You can probably look at some of your products and see that they are expired.  If your foundations or liquids are separating, they are probably expired.  If your, eye shadows or powders look oily or dirty,  it is probably time to replace them.

Any SPF product or cosmetic with an SPF should be replaced every 6 months.

Disclosure:  Please check expiration dates and check manufacturer for accurate expiration dates.  Some product expiration lengths can vary.

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