Thursday, March 23, 2017

Proper Makeup Brush Care


Don't you just love all of the different makeup brushes that are available on the market?  There is probably a brush for any look you are desiring.  There are lip, cheek, face, eyes, contouring and more.

Makeup brushes can be pretty expensive, depending on the types of hairs they have.  So why not take proper care of them?

Have you ever thought about all of the germs that are sitting on your brushes?  Think about it.  You probably use them over and over and aren't even thinking about all of the natural oils, dust, skin cells and dirt that are collecting on them. There is a lot of bacteria in those brushes and those bacteria can cause acne, blemishes and other skin problems.

Have no fear.  I am here to give you some tips on keeping your brushes clean.  Of course, you should monitor your brushes depending on use.

By keeping your brushes clean, they will last longer and your skin will be happy.

There are cleaners on the market that you can spray onto your brushes after use.  The spray kills bacteria.  You should use a daily cleaner after each use.  Many are alcohol free so they won't dry out your brushes.  To use them, you simply spray them on your brushes and wipe them clean on a paper towel or soft cloth.  Check your favorite beauty retailers for a brand that works for you. They run about $10.

Once a week, you should deep clean your brushes.  You should purchase a gentle brush cleanser and wash them with warm water,   You don't want to get the brushes soaked, so please read the directions on your product for proper instructions and always reshape the bristles before letting them air dry.  I like to dry my brushes by hanging them upside down so they keep their shape.

Always store your brushes in the case they came in and try not to let them touch each other.  If you keep your brushes in a glass jar or upright container, try to line the bottom with coffee beans or glass beads so you can place them in there and they stay in place.

I hope these tips were helpful beauties!

Have a beauty filled day!


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